Simple Paint

Simple Paint 1.1

A simple drawing program for kids


  • Very easy to use
  • Selection of stamps
  • Various brushes and colors


  • No save
  • No undo
  • Limited options

Not bad

Simple Paint is a supremely simple painting app to teach small children the basics of using a mouse.

This app – which doesn’t have a save or undo function – is basically a gussied-up version of Paint.
There’s a blank canvas, a selection of colors and paintbrush widths and a variety of brightly-colored stamps.

As far as options go, Simple Paint just allows you to erase the whole canvas or to fill it with a solid color.
The different paintbrushes don’t have any special effects, but with a bit of practice you – or your child – should be able to produce a passable drawing.

The Simple Paint stamps are brightly colored and come in a selection that includes flowers, animals and figures. You can apply them simply by clicking on the stamp you want to use and then the canvas, but you can’t modify size or move stamps once they have been positioned.

Simple Paint makes no claims to be an advanced app, but it really is very, very basic. Any child’s app will allow them to get to grips with the mouse, and as painting and drawing apps go, there are much better ones available, such as Tux Paint. There’s ultimately nothing wrong with Simple Paint, but you can do much better.

Simple Paint is functional, but is really too simple to deserve a better score.

This little painting program is intended to teach small kids to handle the mouse and have fun with colors and shapes. Use 40 different colors and 10 different sized brushes or use the 15 available clipart pictures as stamps.

It is even possible to 'smear' lots of identical images while holding the mousebutton pressed. The drawing surface can be deleted by filling it with any available color.

Simple Paint


Simple Paint 1.1

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